Simple pleasures!
Many Treasures!
Quickest way to Happiness.
Plenty Troubles,
Bad company,
And cloudy days..
If you had a choice which place would you go?
The Grand horizon, pretty sunset?
Or the set direction, with no surprises or gut checks?
So quick to grow, and get old,
We Die longer than we know.
We are young and prime, for a small amount of time,, why don't we take advantage?
Only sure about what's been done,
No one wants to be #1.
Is it possible?
To reach Happiness in something other than the bottle?
Must we use things to feel things?
Have we no morals??
Self worth at first, until we don't need it. Think we got it figured out but we end up bleedin.
Thought he loved you, just wanted to fuck you, took more than he planned to.
Now all you want is him, only cuz he stole something from within, now he's avoiding you.
Or when we are so sure we are doing things for happiness,
But it turns out to be nothing towards your true passion.
Putting all your being on a pretty penny, and it could be gone tomorrow...
Isn't it funny the things we care for most, are man made items?
Seems like instead of living for today, we are just wishing for today to be behind us... Backwards thinking and damaged feelings, I hope you find your happiness before life springs foward.

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Man, poetry is a great way of expressing yourself but please, please, check your grammar and learn a bit more english (don't take this negatively)



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