The goddess of my dreams

Sleep silently and honorably,
sleeping in a dream without anything wrong,
sleeping without a cause to make a nightmare come to life as being watched over,
Dreams at are not taken by people but given by one person,
Dreams at make no reality seem real but far fetched,
Dreams from a different body and a different soul feeling as the breathing of this being becomes lighter then water and air,
Falling in an endless space or time never to be hurt again and again,
Falling into a reality at help out of the real world in real time,
Falling into a bed with a different person a female at has a feel of a familiar sense of strawberries and the feeling of a soft body,
Touching as the bed moves up and down from this goddess of dreams of a silent peace of mind,
Touching as the bed moves from breathing inhale exhale,
Touching as the bed never feels so lifeless but light-less,
The goddess of dreams sleeps next to her dark angel,
The goddess of dreams sleeps without a cause in the world to wake her up from her sleep as she lays like a dog in the dark angels lap,
The goddess of dreams sleeps so peaceful as her angel falls asleep next to her she promos good feeling as the nightmares disappear and the dreams of sleeping with her begins to feel real a she wakes up and leaves him for the day,
Nightmares never come around,
Nightmares are gone and left but the dreams just begins as he wakes up trying to find her to hunt her down and to hold her again and again ever so gently,
Stopping back at the bed to find her sitting there waiting for him as a faint voice says I love you as he falls to the ground in shock,
Stopping at the bed where her stands over him and watches him carefully,
Stopping to watch over him as he wakes up and looks at her warping his arms around her ending the day the way it does every night as she falls asleep and as he watches over her as she sleeps and he falls asleep and she leaves and comes back again and again!!!

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