When the sun shines through dirty windows

and illuminates a scene--

five friends laughing, none truly knowing why,

yet knowing that this is where they belong,

what they deserve,

and what they desire.

Who they want to be

and who they will become--

knowing that for a moment,

none of that mattered,

because they all smiled

because they all had each other


When the sun shines on a couple,

holding hands,

leaning into each other,

taking in her eyes,

breathing in his smell. 

Dreaming it will last,

knowing it will not

but for that moment,

none of that mattered,

because they had smiled,

and they loved each other.


When I see the sun,

and the way it hits the trees--blooming with flowers, 

the rain that smells like sweet mud,

the steady stones in the moving waterfall,

and the pure clouds in the vast sky--

clear morning filled with birds,

high noon where you can feel the world rising,

sunset when everything seems to wear a veil of orange...

at times like these, when I breathe it in...

it doesn't matter what happened,

why I cried,

who left me,

deceived me,

hurt me..

None of that matters,

because I will smile. 

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This is outstanding! I'm smiling just reading it. It's such a happy, joyous poem.
This is good. It's best where it's being really specific and image-y. "rain that smells like sweet mud" and "

sunset when everything seems to wear a veil of orange" are both great, descriptive lines. It reminds me of the "When I do count the clock that tells the time" Shakespeare sonnet (#12 maybe?).
This is gorgeous!  You really have talent here...I love the analogy with the stones to the waterfall, almost like we cannot stop what's going on--was that an analogy?  Regardless, it was a pretty line :) good job!



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Im have been staring at this for a while trying to get it the way I intended

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