Sometimes I wonder when things like miracles happen

Is god real, or is it just music

Like, the kind of music that happens when two supernatural intergalactic forces pass each other by and the friction in between them makes sparks the color of melody and they sprinkle over our earth

And make


Or music

Music always sounds better with earphones on

Sitting on my room half way here half way gone to that outer space collision of gods

My blood, tenses itself as if it were taking a lesson from its father music feels more like home than any human can

The way it makes my limbs antsy to reunite with the Los Angeles skyline

The way it leaves my mind imprinted like beautiful graffiti on a downtown freeway a mural of imagination

Please, trespass on me

I don’t mind it when this type of thing

Vandalizes my brain so I can think more like song and less like a human

More like a beat and less like a bullet

More like a rhythm and less like a,

Halfway written soul that lives on earth but speaks like he got shot through the voice box by an equally lost meteorite made of fear

"I call this shit the calm

But it’s the furthest thing from calm"

Drakes music means more to me than a mother ever could

"40 mom always said, don’t ask permission just ask forgiveness

so forgive me"

the words of a man who’s music is more honest than he is human

his music is like the vernacular of a great wind that stood death in the face and said take me but only as I am

a kamikaze with a voice like seashell and lyrics strong enough that when they hit my mind the impact makes the sun go color blind and, the ocean goes deaf for a second and the sky learns to fly

I mean why can’t people just be music

Why cant we hear things into existence just listen to me growing taller and,

Why doesn’t that make sense I want to listen to you grow I can tell by how fast your heart pumps the blood that rushes around inside of us to the beat of some colliding space deities

Maybe when were reunited with the skyline then its our time to show the rest of us what happens when one lost soul finds another and they make



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You write with a fierce combination of raw emotion and rhythm.. it glides..



thanks alot! oh and I forgot to ask you earlier if you could tell Diane I say hello
that's really good.  i completely get it, too. i think.  i'm really good with music, too.
thanks, I don't make music listening to it just moves me, but people who make it are just extremely lucky

Will do! Please submit more.. (and did you read those others' work?)


spread the word!! Thanks

This is fantastic!



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