I live in the bubble

Where paying $30,000 for private school is affordable

Where Range Rovers and Mercedes roam the streets

Where Organic foods are the way to eat

And five dollars is worth nothing

I live in the unreal world

The world where millions of impoverished children lie asleep hungry


I am able to live this spectacular life


Im stuck in this privileged bubble

Where foreclosures of houses and 

Parents holding signs on the sides of streets raising even one dollar for a meal

Where eating at Mcdonalds is a daily lifestyle

And being scared to step foot out of the house

Hearing arousing screams from the neighbors next door

From my parents

In the middle of the night awaken by gunshot and a screech of death 

Scared to walk in the streets 

Filled with kidnappers


Rapist lurking

To me

This is unthinkable

One day your father be the one holding a help sign on the side of the street

When you always felt it was ridiculous

Roaming from motel to motel

Your family can't provide stable places to live

Your parents come home day after day without a job

Deciding whether your household should have electricity, heat, or water

This is the real world

This is the life that 25% of children live

This is the life that five dollars would feed a meal for a family

This is the life with the millions of unemployed


This is

For me 


For I live in this tiny privileged bubble

Where private schooling is an option

Where Range Rovers and Mercedes roam the streets

Where asking your parents for five dollars means nothing



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this is really GOOD!! keep writing, i like how you mentioned the bubble! I LOVE the last line! It really makes a fantastic closing to the poem!
thanks so much natal-E



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