The day I first met her,

One year ago,

I saw something in her deep eyes,

You'll never know.


Our first kiss ripped my chest

and exposed all of my heart.

I felt how she got in.

And that became the start.



The most perfectly flawless being, on earth.

Bonded to me,

A lost soul with no direction, nor worth.


I sensed the existence of a newborn emotion,

Flowing in such a mysterious way,

As through my body circulated the pleasure,

Of a warm summer day.


This girl, by her own,

Decided to start watering a stone,

It was my solid unfertile heart.

However since then, I've never felt alone,

And I know that it'll never break apart.


And I can't even understand yet

How she pulls me a smile everyday

And she keeps our fire lit

And she takes my pain away,

And makes my life fit.


One year together has passed already,

But I still can't describe how much I love you.

I still can't explain how when the day goes grey,

You turn skies blue.

I still don't know what I'm going to do.

I just know the only thing I need is



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