Night time

God forgets about his subjects

The earth feels naked to the stars

Lightning bolts dance across the sky like newborn mountains that got assaulted with movement

Slivers of souls that escaped from heaven because gold is to heavy for ones heart to bear

The way writing sometimes leads me to emotional  carnage is the same as the way a man waits for a God fourty years and doesn’t realize that his god might never come but not until his son has escaped his household with walls made of uncertainty, doorways carved out of sin like someone who’s done it too much and just needs to forget about everything that is wrong with his actions

Some men

Are good men

And religion leads them to think that,

There is something wrong with human nature

And because were so scared to explore our minds, more vast than the millions of galaxies that exist in our millions of universes,

I don’t understand what leads us to question the stars more than our souls

in my life religion has been a way to make us forget that we don’t really know where we come from


a vast expanse of nothingness and, we pretend like there’s someone just like us behind all of it and it makes us feel safe

I used to hold Christianity so close to my heart hoping to pierce it and let all my blood spill out onto its holiness and maybe I’d experience what it’s like to be a God for a little while

Sitting in my room hoping that God could make everything in my life right, giving myself an excuse to do wrong sometimes doing to many good things is a bad thing and

We forget that, mistakes and water are more vital to our survival than any God is so tell me how you’re doing universe

Because I let go of the book that made my heart bleed one year ago and I’ve sat on a skyscraper of mistakes, and at first I was in the dark because my life had always been lived for someone other than myself

But, as my never ending edifice of an identity kept growing I swore to myself I’d never again give essence to anyone

Sometimes I mistake the darkness for depression, the times when it tastes like defeat and feels like a black hole in the center of my being

But now as I get closer to the moon and we cry together

Sweet stardust pouring down on me like sin

I’ve never felt closer to life yet

So aware of death

Fear can do a lot of things to a man

Just like Gods

I’m writing this skyscraper of self exploration until I forget how to breathe because there’s more to us


Than religion will ever allow

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This is absolutely outstanding! Your ideas about our universe and religion are gorgeous, and the way you combine them into your poem....magnificent! I can't choose a specific part I like because I love it all (but if I'd have to pick a part, it'd be, "I used to hold Christianity so close to my heart hoping to pierce it and let all my blood spill out onto its holiness and maybe I'd experience what it's like to be a God for a little while" - beautiful!)
thanks sir!



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